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About quasar

From the undulating left ventricle of a flaming ox, Quasar sprang to life. He obtained the cut of his jib on the backstreets of Houston (I-10 and the 45) while wrangling the protruding proboscis of ungulate creatures in Dallas and San Antonio. He spent his formative years in clubs and bars of Austin, playing a traditional mix of banjo and esoteric comedy, or as it is called, Crunchy and Way Strum. He currently herds bits and bytes with his fractal cousin, Dylalien. -- The Book of Somewhat Slightly Misaligned Truths

Choco Party

Do not listen to this song… Vous Deux – Choco Party (Mastered by Mubali)

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On the content of grapes

Wouldn’t it be nice if grapes could have other stuff inside, like chocolate or cheesecake? or nice bazongaz?

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Upcoming Release

Get ready! A new Fractal Cowboys album is in the works!

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