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FractalCowboysatHWSFThe Fractal Cowboys have played around the world at some of the finest trance festivals and parties on the planet. They represent the funky side of trance, also know as Westpsy. Blending nasty beats with comedic intent, expect them to grind any genre into the juicy nectar of Westpsy.


Truth be told, Dylalien and Quasar were playing religious electronic music until very recently as the Tracktor Pimps. Then one night while having a fun game with an all-female klezmer band, The Klezbians, they saw what could only be described as Bigfoot. They followed it across the field, because the skunky smell that seemed to emanate from Bigfoot entranced them to come hither, and into the woods. It was seconds, minutes, hours, a whole generation, before they noticed a large, saucer-shaped craft hovering just 6 feet above their heads. Sounds of screaming can be heard in the distance, and Quasar and Dylalien rush to the sound, only to find that once quite fetching ladies have turned half vampire, half zombie (zombies from the waist down for those of your wondering…). There was oozing out of the ground. As several Klezbians and a black dragon close in on Quasar and Dylalien, a sudden, brilliant flash of light blinds the Tractor Pimps.
As their vision returns, they see Afro-Santa, floating, no, more like undulating toward them. “Afro-Santa!” the duo chortle. He just smiles and says, “Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, HO, HO!!!”
I’m goin’ to ho ho Hell, you want to join me?”
Dylalien was unsure, but Quasar had two bags packed, for just such occasions. “Shazzam!”, decried Afro-Santa.
And with one swish of his Afro Santa hand, he turned into a being of pure funk from Alpha Centauri, dressed like a future playa.
Captain Blazar of Alpha Centauri Prime (Galaktik Federation) said: “Take these strange sounds and arrange them in a funk-tious manner. Add a throbbing beat so people can dance to it. Change your name from The Tractor Pimps to the Fractal Cowboys. And for galaxy’s sake, make it funky. Like West Psy Funky.”
And this is how the Fractal Cowboys were born! (please note the Wikipedia entry claiming that the Fractal Cowboys were born of divine virginal birth, from out of the front left knee of a cow, is false.)fractalCoboysLogoSparkle